Can I use your products if I am breastfeeding or pregnant?

DO NOT use Retinol A if you are breast feeding or pregnant. Always consult a physician before you use a particular ingredient or product.

How do I use The Outpost Beauty products and in what order should I use them in?

Morning – After cleansing apply a few drops of the Vitamin C serum followed by our mission moisturiser. Note: Please remember to use a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher.

Evening – After cleansing apply a few drops of the Retinol A serum followed by a few drops of the Vitamin B serum before using mission moisturiser and our eye restore cream. When you first start using Retinol A serum it may cause the skin to peel or look flakey. Don’t worry this is how Retinol A works and your skin will build a tolerance in time. We recommend starting slow and building up to everyday use. Note: Please make use of a sunscreen when using these products (Very important!!)Please do not use Retinol A if you are breast feeding or pregnant (Very important!!)

Why should I use a sunscreen?

Most of the age damage to our skin is attained by the exposure to the sun ultraviolet rays. EVERYONE should wear sunscreen daily to protect their skin.

Which of your products do you recommend for dark spots / discolouration or hyperpigmentation?

Retinol A serum is the product we would recommend as it increases cell turnover and exfoliates the skin so that dark spots are removed over time. Please note: you must use a sunscreen with an SPF30 or higher when using Retinol A serum and do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.

Which of your products do you recommend to brighten skins appearance?

Vitamin C serum is great for giving the skin overall radiance and brightening?

Which of your products do you recommend for a red and/or uneven skin tone?

Vitamin B (With Niacinamide) serum significantly reduces the appearance of redness and blotchiness after 4 weeks of use

Which of your products do you recommend for mature, dry and tired skin?

Our Mission Moisturiser hydrates and revitalizes dry and tired skin without leaving a heavy, greasy sensation to the skin.

What can you recommend for dark circles and puffiness around the eyes?

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for dark circles and puffiness, however our eye restore cream can address fine lines and hydration,making the overall appearance of the eye area look better.

How long do your products take to see an effect?

It usually takes around 4-8 weeks to see the effect of the products. Sorry, no overnight instant results here but keep at it and your skin improve in time!

Are your products cruelty free and vegan?

All our products are completely cruelty free and vegan. We don’t use animal products as an ingredient and we don’t test our products on animals.

Are you a South African based store?

We are a South African based Company. All our products are produced and stored in South Africa.

What do you charge for shipping?

We offer a flat shipping rate of ZAR100.00 on all South African Orders.

How long till I receive my order?

Orders usually take around 2-3business days to deliver depending on where you live in RSA

What are the concentrations of active ingredients in your products?

Our Retinol A serum has:

Retinol A (2%), Vitamin C (15%), Hyaluronic Acid (1%), Vitamin E (5%), Shea Butter, Lecithin, Coconut Oil and Soybean Extract

Our Vitamin B serum has:

Niacinamide (7%), Zinc (1%), Copper (0.3%), Hyaluronic Acid (1.5%), Aloe Vera (5%), Vitamin E (5%), Coconut Oil, Shea butter and Lecithin

Our Vitamin C serum has:

Vitamin C (20%), Vitamin E (5%), Hyaluronic Acid (1.5%) and Ferulic Acid (0.8%)

Our Eye Restore Cream:

Matrixyl 3000 (2%), Niacinamide (10%), Glutathione (3%), Argireline (1%), Squalene (2%), Co-Enzyme Q10 (3%) – Ubiquinone, Hyaluronic Acid (2%), Jojoba Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil and Coconut Oil

Our Mission Moisturiser:

Matrixyl 3000 (2%), Niacinamide (10%) – Vitamin B3, Vitamin C (15%), Ceramides (2%), Co-Enzyme Q10 (3%) – Ubiquinone, Hyaluronic Acid (2%), Aloe Vera (15%), Sweet Almond Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Coconut Oil

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